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Vinyl Fence Colors Available for
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Thinking about which color vinyl fence for your home in Maple Falls, Washington?

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After reading this you’ll be well prepared for your purchase.

#1 Thing you should know about getting a vinyl fence color.

Just because a company offers a vinyl fence other than white doesn’t mean you should buy it.

I’ve personally seen many colored fences that drastically fade over time.  (even though they carry a lifetime warranty).

It wouldn’t be as bad if they faded uniformly but I’ve seen it where only 3 or 4 pickets per panel would fade leaving the fence looking unsightly.

I personally stick with Homeland Vinyl.  They’ve been around for 30+ years and one of the leaders in the industry.

What colors do vinyl fences come in?

Let’s just say the sky is the limit.

There’s a company called Illusions Fence that offers 35 different colors across their product line.  I haven’t personally used their company so I can’t comment about the longevity of their fences.

The 2 “safe” colors to choose from.

Again, you want to stick with a reputable manufacturer but almond and khaki fences are the two standard colors that you see most of the time.

What about wood grain vinyl?

This one you have to be SUPER careful with!

Although I trust Homeland for their regular vinyl colors I would not use them for their wood grain.

My only choice for woodgrain? Bufftech!

They have the best warranty by far and their product actually holds it color.

The only issue is the cost.  Typically it’s going to be 2-3x more expensive than your typical white vinyl.  But you get what you pay for.

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Get your price over the phone or via email today or next business day. 

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